Friday, March 28, 2014

Lining Check #2

Whew! The fluid is GONE!!!

I got the doctor I like today for my ultrasound, though I had to hold the giggles back. Last night, a few girls & I on the Dreamer page were getting silly and nicknamed our doctors. Long story short, Dr. Doogie came through the door today and I could hear the theme of Doogie Howser in my head :D

My lining is measuring at 5.2, is Type I, and the fluid is gone. This is a big improvement from the last time! I asked the doctor to explain if there are any concerns because there was fluid a few days ago. He told me that fluid in the lining at the time of transfer is a big deal and would require canceling the transfer. But as long as it clears out before the transfer, then there are no implications to be concerned about. He said that just because it was there a few days ago doesn't mean that our chances are reduced at all (unless it's still there at the time of transfer). I am so relieved!! I also asked him if it's ok for me to be running and doing core and strength workouts right now. I got the green light :D

I am increasing my dose of Estrace from 2mg taken orally twice daily to 2mg taken vaginally three times a day. My nurse explained that this will help the body to absorb it more efficiently to thicken my lining. I have heard of "smurf cootch" from some of the ladies on TB. I am not looking forward to this!! But obviously, I'll do whatever it takes to get my lining in perfect condition.


  1. Yay! I am so glad for you that the fluid is gone! LOL, when I first joined IDOB there was a lot of talk about smurf cootch! I hope it isn't too bad and it gets you a triple stripe lining! I have my FX so hard for you!! <3

  2. Thanks FM :) I guess I'll just be singing, "Fa la la la la la, La, la la la la!" whenever I go to the bathroom. HAHA

  3. I die at smurf cootch! Yay for a great appt today, that all sounds so positive!! I'm keeping everything crossed for you, Cici!!! <3

    1. hahaha!!! And the name does not disappoint! WEIRD!!!! But I have to say... Endometrin is SO MUCH WORSE!!!