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Friday, March 21, 2014

Baseline & Estrace

I guess today is CD4. I had my baseline on Wednesday and everything looked good to get started with our FET cycle. Everytime I think of, say or type that we are doing a FET cycle... I still can't believe it. I feel so incredibly lucky to have this chance.

I started Estrace on Wednesday, and return for Lining Check #1 on Monday. I forgot about the lovely headaches I get with Estrace. And the weepy mess I become. But it's really not too terrible. I can tolerate it just fine.

I am only allowing myself to think one step at a time. I can't waste time, energy or valuable vibes with negative thoughts. I can't think about what happens if... It's just too final.

I am channeling every ounce of my being to my uterus, willing it to create the perfect home for our ninja. Like the C+B guides me to envision, I picture two open arms in my uterus ready to embrace our embryo. I am calm. I am warm. I am soft.

I am ready.

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